Practice With Me

PRACTICE WITH ME When you come to my class you can expect to be challenged, to learn something new about yoga, and to emerge feeling calm and relaxed. I love vinyasa yoga because it gives us a framework to feel more connected, empowers us to tailor the practice to our unique needs, and challenges us with reminders that there is always more to learn.

I try to include three core themes in all my classes, distilled from my studies with master teachers and from my personal practice:

PEAK FLOW My Peak Flow classes and workshops are designed to make challenging, "peak" yoga postures more accessible for you with intentional sequencing. Whether you are new to yoga or a life-long practitioner - no matter if your current challenge-pose is down dog, handstand or something truly pretzel-like - my strategic approach to opening and strengthening your body and your mind will prepare you for even bigger challenges.

STEADY FLOW My experience teaching, practicing and studying with great teachers from several styles of yoga suggests to me that vinyasa yoga doesn’t have to be fast to be physically challenging and that our breath should set the pace for our movement. I think slowing down and progressing steadily can make the practice even more rewarding by giving us time to safely find our edge and to cultivate yoga’s more subtle benefits.

MINDFUL FLOW We can’t always control what happens in our lives but we can do our best to respond calmly and consciously to what happens. Though I’m far from perfect at it, connecting to my breath and to my body helps me remain more even-minded during the hard times and to be more fully present for the most blissful times. In my experience, a consistent yoga practice can help us build and maintain our capacity for mindfulness at the same time that it strengthens us physically, intellectually, and emotionally.